Slow the Process

Especially before your meal. If you have a little of the right kinds of fat just before you eat, you can trick your hormonal system by sending the signal to your brain that you’re full. If you eat a little fat twenty minutes before your meal (70 calories or so of fat in the form of six walnuts, twelve almonds, or twenty peanuts), you’ll stimulate production of CCK, which will both communicate with your brain and slow your stomach from emptying to keep you feeling full. (CCK release and ghrelin reduction take about twenty minutes to kick in and take about 65 calories of fat to stimulate.) That way, you’ll be able to sit down for a meal and eat for pleasure, not for hunger—which is one way to ensure you’ll eat less. The average person is finished eating well before his satiety signals kick in, thus counteracting any possibility that his hormones can help him. For the same reason, you should eat slowly. If you down your food faster than a MiniVac, you won’t allow your satiety hormones time to kick in.

admin posted at 2009-6-15 Category: Diet